How to configure Netscape for Maple

How to configure Netscape Navigator to use helper applications:

  1. Choose edit preferences from the edit menu.
  2. Choose Applications from the Navigator menu (under category).
  3. Choose new:

    Add description (this can be anything), for example, Maple Worksheet.

    Decide on a mime-type, for example, application/x-maple (this complies with current convention), or application/maple.

    The suffix that identifies the file (in this case) mws.

    Go to handled by subwindow and choose application in the text area write something like xmaple %s (or if that doesn't work try something like /opt/maple/bin/maple -x %s, or use browse to find where the maple application is) the first part is the way you start the application on the local machine the %s is needed it is replaced by the file that you are opening.

    Choose ok twice to get out.

  4. Try and see if things work as expected. Note: you may have to clear the cache in order for things to work properly the first time!

After you do all this you will probably have a file mailcap or .mailcap or something similar somewhere which will have a new entry:

application/x-maple;/opt/maple/bin/maple -x %s

and a file mime.types or .mime.types or something similar somewhere which will have a new entry:

type=application/x-maple \
desc="Maple Worksheet" \

So if you are bold you can actually go and edit these by hand.

Last modified January 11, 1999
Copyright © A. J. Meir 1999 all rights reserved.