Maple Symbolic Algebra Package

A. J. Meir

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Introduction to Maple

More on Maple

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Some examples to whet your appetite:

> restart:with(geom3d):

Warning, the name polar has been redefined

> draw(i(color=yellow),lightmodel=light2,
title=`An Icosahedron`,orientation=[0,30]);

[Maple Plot]

> diff(sin(x^2+3),x);


> int(x^3+3*cos(5*x+4),x=0..3);


> plot(exp(-x^2),x=-4..4);

[Maple Plot]

> restart:with(DEtools):

> D(D(x))(t)+9*x(t)=4*cos(a*t);x(0)=0;D(x)(0)=0;

`@@`(D,2)(x)(t)+9*x(t) = 4*cos(a*t)

x(0) = 0

D(x)(0) = 0

> dsolve({D(D(x))(t)+9*x(t)=4*cos(a*t),x(0)=0,D(x)(0)=0},x(t));

x(t) = 4*cos(3*t)/(-9+a^2)-4*cos(a*t)/(-9+a^2)

> sol(t):=-8/(-9+a^2)*sin((3-a)*t/2)*sin((3+a)*t/2);

sol(t) := -8*sin(1/2*(3-a)*t)*sin(1/2*(3+a)*t)/(-9+...

> env(t):=-8/(-9+a^2)*sin((3-a)*t/2);

env(t) := -8*sin(1/2*(3-a)*t)/(-9+a^2)

> a:=1:plot([sol(t),env(t),-env(t)],t=0..25,color=[black,red,red]);

[Maple Plot]

> a:=2:plot([sol(t),env(t),-env(t)],t=0..25,color=[black,red,red]);

[Maple Plot]

> a:=5/2:plot([sol(t),env(t),-env(t)],t=0..25,color=[black,red,red]);

[Maple Plot]

> a:=29/10:plot([sol(t),env(t),-env(t)],t=0..25,color=[black,red,red]);

[Maple Plot]